"Fashion changes, but style endures." Coco Chanel.

Our purpose is no mere passing fashion — it is both timely and timeless. The consistency of our purpose requires consistency in the way we present our purpose and ourselves. We strive for clarity in our communication, coherence in our collaborations, and the likelihood that others will serve us well in their conversations.

To those ends, this style guide explains our brand.

A brand used to convey ownership of livestock. Then it was an "our name's on it" quality assurance. This century, with product quality (fitness-for-purpose) increasingly a given, a brand represents a nexus of values. In other words, if our personal values align with a brand, we can feel part of that brand. If they don't, we take our time, attention and money elsewhere.

AKASHA can only succeed if we corral that time, that attention, those resources to our purpose. In other words, we can only succeed in our massively transformative purpose when many others make it their purpose too.

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